Announcing an Internet Event

On Sunday 9th June, at 18:00 GMT, people all over the world will prepare the exact same meal and sit down "together", linked by Internet Relay Chat [irc].

To participate, all you need to do is follow the recipes given here (precisely or approximately), set your table and join the irc channel #syncmeal. The channel will be active for 2 hours before the event, so that participants can chat, compare notes and pick up cooking tips as they prepare their meals.

The Menu

Gravadlax salmon

A Swedish recipe from the New York Times


Recipe collected from Popi Sefertsi, Thessalonika, Greece

Internet salad

Invented for the occesion


From Lea Harris, England

Exact recipes including substitutions and wine suggestions are hyperlinked to the menu items above [INCOMPLETE AT THE MOMENT].
Here's a cgi-bin time zone converter so you can figure out what 18:00 GMT means in your area.
Please note that the irc net allows for the rapid transfer of binary files between users, by DCC (Direct Client Connect). Anyone who can get hold of a digital camera, or a polaroid and a scanner, is very much encouraged to do so. Let everyone see what you're up to.

Stu Harris
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