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Throughout the world, there are many outdoor games that have as their central activity the competitive pitching of a heavy ball along the ground so as to arrive closer to a target than one's opponent. The English have their lawn bowling, which is played on a manicured lawn and has several sub-types. The Italians have their Bocce; the South Slavs their Balinaje.

game The French game pétanque is among the more aggressive versions and is played by more people all over the world than any other.

The USA is one of the 30 or so countries where pétanque is played enthusiastically -- introduced into many regions, obviously, by French expatriates but taken up by people of very diverse origins.

Here are a few features of pétanque that make it attractive as a leisure activity:

There are currently nearly 50 local clubs in the USA where pétanque is played regularly. Every club organizes several tournaments during the season.

Almost all the local clubs are affiliates of the Federation of Pétanque USA, which sponsors competition at national level, sends representatives to international tournaments and puts out a regular Newsletter to members of all affiliated clubs.

In this set of hyperlinked Web pages you will find information about all the above topics, in addition to the history of pétanque and some pétanque connections.

For experienced pétanqueurs, we also have a little quiz to test your knowledge of the rules of pétanque

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Happy pétanquing!

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